"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."
-- Oprah Winfrey

Just like the past years.. 2012 had been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me.. I’ve met a lot of people, should I say crazy people this year.. (kkk)  I’ve been through a lot this year too .. intrigues, controversies (yeah.. my life is so showbiz).. !! I have learned to accept that not all people will stay with you..  Clashing principles might get in the way but that’s where I’ve learned to know people who really understand and who will be at your side no matter what..  I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for adding colors to my 2012.

To my family, thank you for the unconditional love.. I won’t be where I am now without your support and guidance .. Though I am stubborn most of the times and do some things  that you don’t like, you’re still there to understand and love me..  thank  you to my parents for bringing me into this world.. to my siblings and in laws thank you for all the love and understanding.. ^_^,

With all my friends.. Thank you for always being there.. for listening to my thoughts and never ending stories, for understanding me the way I am.. for the love and respect no matter what situations I am into.. Thank you for the laughter and tears.. thank you for letting me be part of your 2012 … lezz do more in the years to come..!!! Special shout out to my DGH Family (APPLERS),  you know how much I love you all.. thank you for bearing with my craziness.. I am happy to have met people who love me as much as I love myself.. (wahh sniff sniff)…!! Seriously, I will never ever exchange being an Appler to anything (kkk) …  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to touch your lives too in my own little ways ^_^ …Yahh.. thank you to Dara and GD.. (coz of them I’ve met my Applers’ Family ..LOL) …

Career wise, I think I’ve learned to love my job more. I would like to thank all the officers who stood by me and who have given me all the opportunities and chances to grow and develop my potentials more. Thank you to those people who have supported and trusted me… ^_^ I promise not to disappoint you… J

I’ve learned to explore too when it comes to loving a person.. I’ve learned that giving so much love is not the only thing that matters..  I’ve learned to love myself more ^_^ and to take the risks in loving this person.. I know we are in an odd situation… in a situation where not all people will understand.. but still I took the risks.. I love him and he  loves me.. our courage binds us together,, our love for each  other strengthened  it..!! oh well, some things are just bound to happen.. Wherever this love will take me.. I’ll surely go with the flow.. Right now I am contented with the love that he can give.. I’ve never been happier in my life. !! meeting him is one of the most life changing experiences for me and I hope we can still be together in the coming years.. (toinks wish wish wish)…

Lastly, I would like to thank God.. thank you for your guidance.. I know I am protected by you with all the things that I do. I know I am not a perfect daughter, but every time I ask something from you.. you always make me feel that I am on your priority lists. I am so blessed this year, so I just want to lift it up to you Lord. Thank you for the gift of love.. thank you for shielding me with your Power.. thank you and I am sorry for being a bad daughter.. I promise not to disappoint you …I promise to be better this year.. !!

My wish for 2013 is to be more successful and share my blessings to my family and friends.!! more LOVE this 2013…. ^_^ #hengsho !!! 


ladynikka05 said...

--I know I am protected by you with all the things that I do. I know I am not a perfect daughter, but every time I ask something from you.. you always make me feel that I am on your priority lists.--

in this part, I cry, cause I really feel the same .. 2012 is not that so memorable to me, but there are still unforgettable moments ^__^ .. i've lost some things and love ones, the feeling of betrayal and all .. but still here i am, looking forward for the year that coming ^__^

--God, Family, friends and love ones .. take good care of them and love them ^__^ .. world will turn their back on you but not them ^__^


Anonymous said...

Hello Tita! :D kekekeke you know that I'm one of your pansnapans! If your happy then I am,and when something is wrong with you or your in a bad mood I really worry >< (kaya bawal) lols

and i can see your hengsho love life so stay in looooove! ;D Take care of your health tita and stay away from stress as much as possible. But not fangirling neh? Hahaha ^^

Remember I'll be one of the people you know that you can count on,if not that much. At least can make you smileeee! ♥ I Love You Sexychiic forever. Salamat din po sa pagdating sa buhay ko ^^ God Bless your 2013 and cheers to our fangirl life.


Kimeh said...

I feel you! Towards the end of my 2012 I've had to deal with so much bittersweet happenings.

Cheers to the new year!

Anonymous said...

Just keep on praying ate. Everything will be fine. Your love life seems fine kasi nakikita ko tweets mo bout him. :') Applers are always here for you. No matter what. ♥

Anonymous said...

aww..:) I love it! Seriously Ate Honie thank you for being part of my 2012! and sana hangga 2013, 2014, 2015... and so on! :) Isa ka tlg sa naging malaki part ng 2012 ko! Ikaw ang una Appler na nagparamdam sa akin na AT HOME AKO SA DGH! <3 Thank you so much! Ikaw rin ang una nakaalala ng name ko! T^T .. I dont care what will it look like, but I really respect you and admire you! :D

like what Barbs said. Isa rin ako sa PANSNAPANS mo! <3 You can also count on me and if not so, I will make you smile and laugh with my dorkiness kung meron man! haha :D

Stay strong and kind! were here to defend you to your anti fans! so dont worry. :D


----- NAI-NAI (nairagon)

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