Today is payday, but I also consider it as the most hassle day. We went to PNB to encash our salary and we're happy that there are only few people inside, so we sit at their sofa and feel comfy, when suddenly, the teller told us that they are having problems with their nationwide system which make all the branches offline.. Arrrgghhh... To our dismay, we opt to have our lunch at BK for a change (pix to follow) we ordered some burgers, fries, their chicken tenders and also the all time favorite i-pc chicken. (pix to follow)

Anyway, we waited for about an hour at Burger King and goes back at PNB to ask if everything is fine, but they told us that their system is still So we head on back to the office.. By the way, we wasted some hundred bucks for a fare from the office to PNB and vice versa and we went there I am really pissed but I still manage to keep my composure.

I went to SM department store and saw some of the tops and blouses are on sale and look what I've got three tops for only 650 pesos. I'm really satisfied with the tops.
By the way, I made some pictorials at the fitting room.. See if I can pass to be a

So what do you think huh???

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yesterday me and my honie have a big fight, you heard it.. it was for real and this almost got us separated. Hays, it started from this small issue which grew and we ended up saying harsh things to each other. :( But everything is fine now, we have talked things over and he apologized for what he did and said and of course i did the

Anyway, i slept early last night.. :D and spent some time with my honie, i told you we are not having quality time because he has work now. its kiss and make-up time hehe..ooopppsz.. don't be green minded.. hehehe..

Well, when I opened my ym in the office, i found some offline message from BHEM-JHOICE she congratulate me for having a PR. yeah,. after months of waiting i already got PR3.. ahaha,, i should be celebrating right??.. but for what??.. I got the PR because i am not having SPs from PPP anymore.. ahaha.. Anyway, I already accepted it, like bhem. thanks for PPP for all the SPs.. and for the $$. Anyway our HONIEJOIIZ have been given a page rank of 2 . So it is up again and we changed the theme from personal to entertainment blog. it is open for link exchanges. so just visit it.

Blog hopping.. 3 days to go for my honie's b-day. thanks for all your suggestions.


waahh,.,yesterday i was not able to go to the office because of lazyness. kidding, i was supposed to make that day a vacation leave, but because of pending task ARAH allowed me to work home.

LAst friday was also the FIRST BIRTHDAY of honie's nephew ZAIDO.. We bought him a birthday cake but i wasn't able to go there early because i got some task to finish. And that day, honie and i have some petty quarrel . hhmmmppfh.. mltan100.blogspot.combut we're fine now.. he said sorry to me and of course i forgave him that easy.. i love him that's why..

Uhhhmm.. today we went to em's crib.. because they told me, there will be a farewell party.. remember angelthebadgay, he/she is resigning.. i dunno if he will pursue it.. but I am hoping that he will change his mind eventually.. I will miss him. though.. We have our lunched at em's crib so sad we did not able to take some pictures of the food.. there is a lechon, pancit and also pinakbet.. but we have some video when I am singing perfect of simple plan.(imma great singer you lol!!).

HONie's birthday will be this friday.. I still don't know what gift's to buy.. when I asked him. he told me he like some JERSEY.. waahhh ..I hope I can buy something that he really like..mltan100.blogspot.comSOS...

BLOG HOP NOW.. got nothing more to say.. hehehe...


Yesterday, we decided to have our lunch at JOLIBEE (the ever favorite) .After eating we passed by ARISTOCRAT to look for some desserts. In my previous post, I mentioned that we bought Icebox there and we are satisfied with it. So we want to try something different. When we got there, someone approached us and introduce herself as the baker. Yeah, we are able to meet the maker of these luscious and mouth-watering pastries and cakes. She tell us the story of each of her creation. She even got teary-eyed when she mentioned about how she made the the cakes and other trivia. Because of her effective sales talking..EM decided to try the MUCHA LECHE. Anyway, ARISTOCRAT has been featured by INQUIRER and the baker told us that they did not pay the inquirer, its the other way around.. COOL...!!

MUCHA LECHE lots of milk, tastes like pastillas de leche but made special with white chocolate.


Waah.. its really delish.. you should try this one. Next time we will try their CHECK IT OUT cakes and others. I can’t wait..

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Wahh,, the past days have been so boring for me and I felt that something is really missing. My honie is now working for our future and I can say that he is working real hard to earn. I so love him for that, but I think I am missing him.. :( Yeah, I miss our quality time together. (enough enough, enough.. I don't want to be sentimental on this).

My honie's birthday is coming up and I really need some quick sweet ideas. I want this day to be very special. I wonder what gifts to buy??? Help help.. :D

Uhhmm, yesterday, I received an email from a webmaster offering me to do a review on a certain website at my HONIE's ONLINE CRIB blog.
I asked him how much and he told me that he would pay me $10 for 300-word review. Well not bad, as bhem said. Today, I received the payment and also did the review. More transactions to come hehe..

SUPER GULAMAN and GENYZYE gave me an award.. Many thanks for the both of you..

---start copy here-----

I love the blogs of these people and I'm glad to pass this award onto them! All they need to do is to leave the following message on their post when they pass the award on to their chosen eight bloggers.

They all are charmed with the blogs, where in the majority of its aims are to show the marvels and to do friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut or that they propagate? Then let's try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to 8 bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.

I'm passing this award to: Bhem, Jhoana, Rosa, and Yesha,


September 21, 2008, the christening of kuya ronald's (the technician) newborn son (roland ernest.. welcome to the christian world..). Anyway, we were invited by kuya ronald to attend his son's christening and our call time is 8:30 am (sunday) at jollibee Pantranco. As usual, I went there late but just 10 minutes.. hehe. My honie opted not to go with me coz he has something important to do (but i understand, its for our future..heks heks). . We ride a PUJ to quiapo then from there we ride another going to the reception's venue (KAMAYAN at Padre faura). Huhu, i got dizzy after i ride a jeepney,,(if you read my previous post, you know that I am really not riding a PUJ). The baby was baptised at Malate Church and our group prefered to go to the reception since there are lots of people in the church. Anyway, I really got hungry (hehe, always) so I think I have eaten a lot (java rice, chicken bbq, kaldereta, native and authentic foods and others) all was really delish. For dessert, i have some leche flan and maja de blanca.


After eating, and giving our gifts, we decided to leave for MALL OF ASIA. wow, it is actually my first time going there. The MOA thing is really fun. We walked at the bay side.. and took pictures at some part. I think I have found a new boyfriend.. ahahah. its angelthebadgay.


Hehe,, I wish honie won't be jealous.. we're just friends.. :P. We also went to timezone, but. so sad, Angel's card was not accepted .. Our last stop was at ICEBERG for refreshments. I had my first taste of KIWI fruits at ICEBERG.


After that, we call it a day and went home. That was really one of the most unforgettable moment with the office mate. Just wait for our next stop.. hehe..:D

blog hopping time.. really miss you all and really miss my bhem.. :D


Hi, sorry guys if i wasn't able to update for the last few days, I am just trapped with so many things to do and the last days have nothing so special to share. Anyway, its angelthebadgay's birthday blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comyesterday and he opted to celebrate it at the office. To surprise him, some of our officemates put balloons in our room.

The birthday celebrant brought very yummy foods macaroni salad, cupcake from dulcinea, pancit malabon and of course Shakey's pizza.


We also have some picture taking with ANGELTHEBADGAY.Look at us, as we try to hide our bloated tummy.. :P


Well, of course after the birthday celebration, w are back to reality (BACK TO WORK). We went out of the office at 5 pm and as always, me and boyet walked from morato to delta to burn some calories and fats..

Uhhmm. today is saturday, i will be finishing some opportunities. :D Haysz, still don't know what to do first.. by the way, thanks for all your messages and concerns, really appreciate it..!!

Blog hop later... ciao...


LAtely, there are so much things in my mind that makes me very confuse. pika16I am having a hard time knowing what to do first. I know I have a choice, to stop, to unwind, chillax but just can't do it.pika24I MISS my childhood. I miss the time when I am just playing until i get tired, crying because I get hurt by simple things or because i aint able to get what I want, watching morning cartoons like remi, peter pan, and the likes and of course I miss the days of writing at my favorite notes. I am missing the days, when I only watch tv the whole day and do not worry of what's gonna happen or should i say what will happen next. I miss the time when I do things without any time restrictions. confused

Now everything seems to be more complicated. I have so much to do to fulfill my responsibilities and to make everyday, worthy. I know it is just one of the pieces of the puzzle of life and there are things to do until I can say its OVER and STOP, but i know it is still a long long way. SO for now, I think I just have to deal with it... give my best shot like what they always say arrow"It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit!!!"biggrin

Honie.. just emoting.. :P :Prolleyes


Aww, monday is of course a happy day because its PAYDAY. We went to the bank to get our salary and its really good that the transaction ended early. When I was in the office, my honie texted me to say that he will going to fetch me. Since it only happens once in a while, i thought that he is just kidding. I texted him back to verify and his answer is just one word "JOKE". Haysz, I get disappointed and told him. "Ah Ok,Joke" then the cp beeped again and he told me that he will really fetch me.. My heart jumps for joy,, I told you this only happens once in a while, so i thought that this is "MIRACLE".

Our plan of going to the grocery and department store was canceled because it is so late that time. We went out of the office at 5:15 pm and since it is already rush hour we hardly get a cab. So, there, we ate dinner at SM foodcourt and went I also bought some medicines for my mom's asthma.

Oh well, what's with the title, me and my honie just met an annoying, irritating or whatever you may call those people who make your great day a really pain in the ass day. That person spoiled our day. and to our dismay, we just decided to just go home. Such person is not that i important, i really hope that our path would never cross again or else.. I will give her a killer smile :D



Well, my 4-day vacation leave ends today.. I have to go back to work tomorrow, back to reality.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comAnyway, I am planning to buy a new cp but really don't know what to buy. I have so many things in mind and I have so many things to do but because of laziness, i am not able to finish all of `em.
Opportunities are very aloof this time, good thing that I still have some options. Still waiting for some payments from different paid per post sites. Bhem has her new fashion blog so just drop by if you have time. Hays, I am planning to buy a new domain so hope you'll keep an eye on that. I am still undecided about the theme and the topic to pursue, enough of this.

one of the bloggers tagged me, so before having so many pending tags, I think imma doing this now.. I got this Brillante Weblog fromRosa.

Thank you for this tag. Just follow the rules.. :D

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Now, I would like to pass this Brillante Weblog to:
Jhoice, Marlene, Genyze, KRisel, Jhoana,JAzzy, and Beng



What's with me..uhhmm.. yesterday, a friend from my ym contacted me for a A year ago, I made an invitation card for my niece "KAIRE" for her christening. I never thought that I can earn from this since it is just a hobby and I just love to do photo editing at PHOTOSHOP. Oh well, my friend ordered some invitation photo for P600 (50 pcs).


I also edited, the picture of our "MISZHA".. :D


Now I am taking it seriously as a business. Hays, with all the prices increasing, it is really important to find something that will provide you extra income. Wish me luck..


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