Hei guys, so sorry for the over late update. I have been busy doing nothing (ahehe, joke).. Oh well, miss you all and your ever cutest blog. Uhhmm, do you remember, elmer? Yep, the one who have sent me email last Monday, he is for real. He has given me instructions of doing two posts with links which will be paid upon approval, just like in PPP. I have made it on Monday night and they paid me Tuesday morning. That was hella fast. I thank bhem for replying him, if I am the one who saw it, I might delete and won't believe in it. (moral lesson, sometimes its worth taking the risk).


ME and BHEM decided to make our joint blog account and its, this blog is open for link exchanges so don't forget to visit it as well and link it.

blog hopping time!!

Quick Update

Its Tuesday and it is still two days before payday, I really can't wait for Thursday. Oh well, i woke up early today to check if I have some opportunity from IHYPE and PPP. Well, sad to say that I did not catch any today. So I am back to my real world my tasks. I checked the interface for my assigned work. guess what is my task?? its about ECONOMETRICS (chow test parameters, ramsey misspecification, blah blah) waahh.. i don`t have any idea about this and what's worst it I have to do it until 5 pm. Waah, I emailed my boss to tell him that I cant do the task and good thing he accepted my reason and gave me another task. Haysz, i am really glad that I have the guts to tell him that I cant do it.
By the way I am still waiting for my payment at EW, maybe they will send it to me not later than august 3 or I hope they`ll send it tomorrow. aheeh!! By the way, I have made to posts for today which I will send to Elmer (ahaha, bhem knows him, lol). I hope this is not a scam, Elmer told me that he will give me 5 bucks for each post. If this is not a scam, I will share to you the details. Let me first check if it is legit .

time to blog hop now.. :)


In my previous post, I told you that I have joined IHYPE and made the startups opportunity early morning yesterday. and guess what happened??, I got my first payment from them sent in the afternoon. Isn't that great?. I hope I can have more opportunities from them.

Since there are no opp release in PPP on weekends, I decided to sleep earlier but I woke up at 5:30 am. When I opened my YM, i saw my bhem's (jhoice) offline messages to tell me that there are opportunities available so i logged in to my PPP and guess what I got to reserved one. Ahehe, its my bhem jhoice again, she is really great that is why she is having more and more blessings. Haysz bhem, i told you, don't mind those people who are making you feel bad. I understand what you feel, so just ignore it. Lets just have more bucks from PPP ahahaha..!!

Got to go now, it is monday and ooppsz, before i forgot, SONA will be up for today.. waah, !! I think i`ll prepare now for work to avoid heavy traffic at the commonwealth. have a nice day everyone..:D


Just as I thought that I won`t be able to have the theme and widgets that I want in my site.. hehe..!! After months of thinking and searching, I finally come up with the pink layout, of course wiith the help of different tutorials and other sites and inspirations from my blogger friends. This new layout really satisfies me. !! I'm also able to have some widgets like recent posts, recent comments and others. So what can you say about my new girly pinky layout??

By the way, I got another payment from PPP, I am still waiting for my bucks from EW at August and I am doing some clicking for PTC.. Hmmm.., I really want to buy new cp, tops, sandals and a lot more, so I am really saving through various money making sites online.

Uhhhmm... I have visited sis Sheryl's site and I really admire her in layout making.. I so love her new character (PINKELITA), i hope i remembered it right. Ahi, keep it up sis, and don`t mind those rippers, copycats and posers.

That's it for now, i`m gonna do some tasks! enjoy my new theme.

Quick Update+bhem+tasks

So i got my PPP payment yesterday, but I am still having problems in catching opportunities because I can say that most of the bloggers at PPP are really fast, and I don`t know what time will the PPP release some opp. By the way I am waiting for my second payment, and i think they will send it to me tomorrow. (I am loving PPP so much). Its good though that there is one person whom I can rely to, my bhem. Again, bhem is always to the rescue (ahehe). I really owe her a lot, wish I can give back the things that she have done for me and I hope she`ll never get tired of helping me. She is really the best and I love her for being her.

By the way, I`ll be making some spiels for today so I hope our bosses will accept my proposal.!! I am also doing my tasks about the evaluation and analysis of the efficacy of the Chinese Aid to Kenya and the determination of the success rate of the aid in terms of geo-political and geo-economic contexts (nose bleed).

Tha's it for now.. thanks for hopping.. I`ll visit you as soon as I can..

PPP+Love Quarrel+ad campaign

yay..I am expecting some payment from PPP since yesterday but I slept getting no emails from them. Last night was not so good night because my honie and I got some petty quarrel over a small reason. We slept without hugging each other, but early in the morning, I felt his arms around me, which is his way of telling sorry. Actually, we are always like that and he really know how to apologize, the way I like him to (ahehe).
Going back to my PPP payment, i woke up pass 6 am and the first thing I did was turned on my PC and check some emails for my 5 email accounts from gmail and yahoo, as well as my domain account. I first checked my e-mail address which I use at work and I saw two interesting emails. First, was the e-mail sent by PPP for my first payment which is $20 and second was my boss reply about my suggestions in the video campaign. Oh well, I got too excited to see my paypal account and saw the payment of PPP added to my previous bucks there.
After that, I went back to my yahoo account and read what my boss have sent me. Waah, he turned down my suggestion of having a voice over ads instead of exposing my beauty on youtube. He told me that it will be more authoritative if the clients would see someone in the video and he thinks that I must be the one doing this (i know i have the looks, but i dont have the guts.. kidding!!i). Since I really dont want to expose myself so much in the net, I suggest for the company to hire someone who will be the model for the campaign. And at last my boss agreed, but my problem is I`'ll be the one who will make the spiel to be used in the video.
So for those of you who are looking forward for my video ads, ahihi.. im so sorry but I turned down the offer because of the low talent fee (ahaha!!)..


ahEe.. I have a good news everyone.. the video thing that I have told you in my previous post did not happen.. ahaha.. Oh well, atleast for today.. I don`t know if it will be pursued tomorrow, or next day, but since im the one who will conceptualize this, i am pressured to think of an approach which will not exposed my beauty..(^_^).. Can anyone give me some suggestions.. Well, our company is Ivyleague Writing Consultancy ( and it is a writing company where we cater to the needs of students for their paper works, articles, research, dissertation thesis (from nursing, management, IT, marketing, finance and other topics that you can name. Just take a look at our website. Right now, I am very undecided on what to do, there are many ideas that is coming but can't decide which one to use. Waahhh...

Blog hOpping and opp catching time....


I woke up early today but prepare for work late, (what's new?.. ).. I left at about 8:30 Am, so i am expecting that I would be at the office at 9:30-10 but, hey i think its not really my day. I got stranded at the terminal for an hour, because there are no FX that is coming (hahaysz). I know, I know, I have more options, ride a PUJ (public jeepney) or ride a bus, but these are not in my vocabulary.. Ahii, I have my reasons on why I don`t want to ride on it these two, especially in a long trip . Worst is I can't see any good looking guy to make me stay on the line . So without any hesitations, I decided to go and work home..

I chatted arah to tell her that im working home and guess what did she tell me?.. You don`t wanna know..?? She told me that I should be at the office tomorrow to make an advertising campaign (video) to promote our company.. waah, me a model.. toinksz. i dont think so..!! By the way, the video will be posted at youtube.. waahhh. I hope this will not happen..Aww.. I really am bothered with these thoughts.. and i dont know what to do.. . (SOS!! anyone..).. wenksz..

time to sleep now!! nyt nyt everyone.. hope all of these are only a dream...!!


Nothing significant happened for me these past few days, well except for my new domain, my bhem gave to me and from wednesday until sunday, haven`t been able to go out. I am just contented with my online life, talking and chatting with my friends. By the way, thanks for all those who commented by previous post, and your right jhoice is really a great person, that's why many love her and many are being jealous with her.
By the way, can anyone help me out in pimping my layout. I want to change my themes and edit it but idk where to start.. And the main dilemma is i don`t know which theme to choose ahihi.. so im open for any suggestions??

that would be it for now, time to prepare for work.. Have a great week ahead..!!

A NEW DOMAIN+jhoice+

YEY, after months for waiting for an angel to help me have a new domain, at last Bhem (jhoice) have come and help me. yes, my bhem jhoice have bought me this domain, she said its her gift for me (even if its not my birthday yet). I can't buy a domain since my paypal account is still unverified ([so poor of me..heksz).

Ahih,, I want to say thanks for bhem for doing this big big favor for me. I really owe you a lot.. (emo mode..toinksz). She never puts me down and she always help me out on something especially when it comes to blogging (she's an expert you know). Even if we met only in friendster, we have build this strong connection and foundation. I know she's not aware of it but she's the person that I really admire for her being down to earth, very true friend but very scary enemy (ahahah.. wenksz, remember petra). Thanks bhem for all the favor she has done. (does it look like a sponsored post for bhem.. ahehe.. hell no.. im doing it because I love her..).

She's one of a kind and lucky are the people who know her, I also want to give some credit to her hubby (jocark) ahihi.. because of his patience and kindness. Sorry if I disturbed you while your watching (ahehe).

that's all.. by the way my new link is, don`t worry if you are using the old one it will automatically redirected to my new domain.


Just what I have said on my previous post, Thursday and Friday were declared as a NO WORK DA which means a special holiday for our company (cost cutting strategy of our bosses). Of course, our salary will be deducted two days and that's is very annoying. But because I am a good writer (lol), they can`t resist my skills so they have given me tasks this Friday, so i`ll be paid for doing this ( that's really good). I have two tasks for today, 8 pages each about supply chain management and business analysis of amazon strategy.

As you can see, i have ads above but its not from adsense anymore. I added this ads from bids and shoppingads. I can say that i am fully recovered with what had happened with my adsense. , thanks for all those who comforted me.

task mode..:) i`ll blog hop later.!!

Google Adsense+Fraud CLick

After a day of being so frustrated and annoyed with Google, I now have the courage to blab about what really happened. Oh well, after 5 months of having adsense on my blog and wait for it to reach the payout of $100, google has disabled my account last Tuesday with $99.47. Yes, you read it right, they have disabled my account without any consideration just like bhem (jhoice) said. Who will not get frustrated with this? To further understand what I am saying here is the email that they have sent me:


Hello Maria Gelene Borce,

While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our advertisers in the future, we've decided to disable your account. Please understand that we consider this a necessary step to protect the interests of both our advertisers and our other AdSense publishers. We realize the inconvenience this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions about your account or the actions we've taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more information by visiting SUPPORT
Google AdSense Team

Arrgh.. I even got more annoyed with the heading of the letter, Hello..(hmmpfh as if they are going to tell me a nice love letter or a good news).. and the last part, sincerely.. (aww.. with what they have done..) HoHo..

I got pissed, but hey, i have more important things to think and do than make myself frustrated and depressed with what they did to me.. So to all who have adsense, good luck and may this do not happen with you in the future.


Got an email from angel, and I find it really weird and funny and somehow i feel like sharing it with you so here it is..!! This email lightens the pain, depression, disappointments that i feel because of GOOGLE ADSENSE.. ahaha
get the full effect, this should be read aloud. You will understand what tenjewberrymuds' means by the end of the conversation. This has been nominated for the best email of 2007.

The following is a telephone exchange between a hotel guest and room-service, at a hotel in Asia, which was recorded and published in the Far East Economic Review:

Room Service (RS): "Morrin. - Roon sirbees."

Guest (G): "Sorry, I thought I dialed room-service. "

RS: " Rye..Roon sirbees..morrin! Jewish to oddor sunteen??"

G: "Uh..yes..I'd like some bacon and eggs."

RS: "Ow July den?"

G: "What??"

RS: "Ow July den?....pryed, boyud, poochd?"

G : "Oh, the eggs! How do I like them?

Sorry, scrambled please."

RS: "Ow July dee baykem? Crease?"

G: "Crisp will be fine."

RS : "Hokay. An Sahn toes?"

G: "What?"

RS:"An toes. July Sahn toes?"

G: "I don't think so."

RS: "No? Judo wan sahn toes??"

G: "I feel really bad about this, but I don't know what 'judo wan sahn toes' means."

RS: "Toes! toes!...Why jew don juan toes? Ow bow Anglish moppin we bodder?"

G: "English muffin!! I've got it! You were saying 'Toast.' Fine. Yes, an English muffin will be fine."

RS: "We bodder?"

G: "No...just put the bodder on the side."

RS: "Wad! ?"

G: "I mean butter...just put it on the side."

RS: "Copy?"

G: "Excuse me?"

RS: "Copy...tea. ..meel?"

G: "Yes. Coffee, please, and that's all."

RS: "One Minnie.. Scramah egg, crease baykem, Anglish moppin w bodder on sigh and copy....rye? ?"

G: "Whatever you say."

RS: "Tenjewberrymuds."

G : "You're very welcome."



I really don`t know what's up with our boss, we have our salary in a form of Cheques iinstead of having it through our ATM. Is it part of the cost cutting?? The Cheques i-salary thing is really a hassle for all of us. Instead of spending our time doing our tasks, we have to encash the Cheques i first. Since the fare for public vehicles increase we opt to take a walk to PNB. Hmmpfh, too bad for some of our officemates because they couldn't encash their salary coz the bank is so strict that they are demanding for two IDs, so angel and others just went back to the office. We waited for our slot since there are many people inside the bank and after 48 years, it is our turn.
To my dismay, I gave three ids to the teller and she told me that she only needed two.. (duh.. who cares, she needs ids i give it to her.. ahaha.. ).. After that, we went straight to chowking and avail SET C (good for five persons), for our lunch. I really had a heavy meal just to lessen the madness and the irritation that I felt while encashing ourCheques i..

At 4 pm i left the office to meet my honie at SM Fairview. I went to CINDERELLA to buy clothes but i can't find any so I go down to meet my honie in front of ACE hardware. I really showed up late coz the last time, i waited for him for an hour. We went ahead to the supermarket and buy our basic needs from personal to household. I am glad that we finished shopping early and I am happy that for the first time, my honie did not get pissed with what we're doing.. I think he is really changing for good.. and its making me love him so much more.

blog hopping time. comments are highly appreciated..and surely returned!!

what's happening.. :((

Ohh.. i woke up early today and look for opps at PPP, but can`t see any so i decided to prepare for work. I came to work very inspired but arah and bhoyet told me the bad news which is really upsetting.. arrrgggghhh..!! One of our bosses have sent an email to arah saying that we have no work on friday and he is declaring that day as NO WORK NO PAY (so bad), that means that my salary will be deducted P800 that's too much:(. I understand that it is our lean season and that there are no orders because most of our clients are students overseas and they are in vacation, but I think that is not the solution for that. (hhmmm..). I can't give up that much money, it is for my WHITE CHOCO MOCHA (starbucks) and for a pizza from YELLOW CAB or SHAKEYS waahh..Haisz if worst comes to worst, some of our writers will be laid-off and that is the thing that I don't want to happen. Though, it is really unfair, I guess I`ll just spend FRIDAY wisely.. ahehe.. catch some OPPS and make some money online would patch up with the deduction of my salary.

I can say that I am still fortunate to have some sidelines in the online world, but how about those who are depending much on their salary alone?. I hope that the company's sale would increase these coming weeks.. UhhMmm.. if you want to know, my company is Oh well, this is the effect on the economic downturn of the country and the increasing rate of diesel and oil in the global market (i guess)...


One of my problems in blogging is about having a layout which is very organized, simple with the shades of black and pink. Today, as I am browsing for one, i have found this new layout. `twas not the original theme, I used my hidden skills in CSS coding to edit it to suit my needs. I also edited some banners at photoshop. Well, I am really satisfied with the result, at last i have a three column layout to put all the things I want in my blog. By the way, with regards my sore throat, it`s ok now, thanks for all your suggestions for curing it. I only take lots of tap water and its all gone.

Who amongst you watched PDA's gala performance last night. Who do you think would be the star scholar?? is it the duet of zel and bugoy or could iñaki and laarni beat them? I think when it comes to the overall performance and voice quality, zel and bugoy really did a good job. I can say that Bea and Miguel deserves to be at the bottom 2.

Another Jerry Yan and Vic Zou (ahihi). Wu Chun and Calvin Chen visited the country for the promotion of their ROMANTIC PRINCESS, a drama series airing at ABS-CBN they really made every woman go nuts and crazy. I like Calvin Chen's look than Wu Chun but both are really handsome. Wow, they were even amazed when they have seen the audience singing their songs. We filipino are really good at singing songs even if we really do not understand its lyrics or meaning (am i right??).. For the two guys, they really know how to make the ladies swoon. So much for this, my honie is getting jealous already..

that would be all..thanks for your time reading my posts.. Comments are highly appreciated and always returned.


Uhhmm.. just want to say thanks for those who have given their suggestions to cure my swollen sorethroat, but sad to say I still have my sore swelling (huhu) but don`t worry, it is better than the other day. i am still under the NO TALK POLICY, good thing it is not a NO KISS and HUG POLICY (ahaha.. lol).


I have just finished three tasks today, one costs $25 and the other 2 costs a total of $49, wow thats a lot of $$$ ahhee (dont you think??). I am still doing some opps from PPP and i already catched 7 opps in which 5 have been approved. My ximmy is still ongoing. Aside from that I am waiting for my salary at July 15 from Ivy League (Php). Unfortunately I don't have incentive for the month of June, because I have taken one week vacation leave, but i promise to get some for this month. (yippeee)..

well thanks for this blog thingy, I am able to find some opportunity to increase my earnings,, Happy blogging everyone.. as they say GET PAID while you do the things you LOVE..

catch me up at ym..:D gelene_borce@yc


First off, I just want to say thank you for all who commented on my previous post (about my depression and disappointment). I really appreciate all your concerns and all your advice. It somehow eases the depression I had. Again, thanks thanks so much .

What's up with the title??
I woke up today not feeling too well and have discovered that I am having a swollen sore throat. I cant talk normally coz there is an awkward feeling when I speak. Do you know some treatment for swollen sore throats? I am pissed with this for it hinders me to sing.. (aheheh). Seriously, because of this I declare this day as a NO TALK DAY , well at least for me.. (poor me)..

Ohh, before I forget, I want to say happy 69th month anniversary to bhesz (achel) and her lakay. Have a great relationship ahead and don`t get affected with people like that bitchy girl. I love you bhesz

that would be all for today.. have a nice day everyone. time for blog hopping..:)


I am not feeling well today, i don`t know if its because i am disappointed again, my expected pregnancy did not happen, or maybe I am just experiencing some hormonal problems. I know I have it, I can feel the symptoms, I was delayed for 5 days (though i know its very early to tell). I am so hopeful and positive at that time, and today I woke up having my period.

I was so depressed that I hugged my honie and cried (so emotional of me!!). He told me that it was alright and that maybe it was not the time yet and he kissed me, I felt so loved but i really want it so badly. What am i gonna do now?? Am i being too sensitive with this situation and irrational?? tell me.. ??

2nd month birthday+blog update

whoa..what can i say, a lot of happenings but i cant put all of it into words.

UHhhmm well, today is the 2nd month birthday of our baby miszha.. (love you baby). Next, I have learned that another annoying person have existed.. ( i dont want to mention her name.._) but mind you..she really look like a MONSTER or should i say OGRE ahaha. (much for that. dont wanna waste my time on her..)..

sad story :(
A while ago, I cried..when i have learned that the custody of my niece (angel) has been given to her mother who is mentally ill.. I know that there is a law about it, buy they did not gave my cousin a chance to explain his side. The mother of my cousin's wife have a reputation of being involved with different man and to get the custody of the baby she invented a story and told the dswd representatives that my cousin is not the father of the child,where in fact all of us have been witnessed of their love. I really felt so bad that we could not do anything about it because of all the lies and the dswd believed her just like that. What happened to the legal process. What I wish right now is for my cousin to be more open minded and to be stronger to surpass this challenge. (ohh i am crying again.)..end of the story..cause it really pains me..:(

On a lighter side. I have this plan of upgrading my blog and purchase a domain here at blogger, it only costs $10. imma thinking of a name that would suit my personality??? do you have any suggestions about any names???

Sunday's Best Movies

Hhmm,,, last night I slept very late for I have watched two movies WHO AM I of Jackie Chan, and High School musical. Although I have watched these two films before, I still watched `em for both have good stories. I really like Jackie Chan especially his stunts and all, every movie he made provide the audience a new experience for his overwhelming stunts. He is really a great actor. On one hand, HS Musical is of course superb when it comes to making the audience feel the excitement and thrills of being teenager, not to mention the great songs embedded on the movie. I really enjoyed watching these movies.

That's it for now, imma going to the office.. and blog hop as soon as i can..


Each of one of us is somehow experiencing bed bug problems and we are trying to find solutions to easily put the bugs away. Good thing that there are sites which offer guidelines and information of getting rid of these bed bugs and the tips on how bed bugs would be prevented.

Since I really hate bed bugs I rely on this site for different information. Bed Bugs Guide has different articles with different topics in which bed bug signs are featured. It also have, bed bugs bites article to know whether you have been beaten by the bugs. The site is really helpful for me, because I am able to get rid of the bugs that are disturbing during sleeps. The site also provides answers to various questions regarding bed bugs. For more information, visit

makin' some money

what's with the title???,.. with the continuous increase of basic commodities in the Philippines, all are being forced to get every opportunity they have to earn more.. me is never an exemption uhhmm.. i just finished writing a paper worth $40 about human resource management and i hope that this meet the client's requirements. I think i have been busy making money online for the last few days, catching some opportunities from PPP (btw, i already have 4 posts approved)..clicking some links and waiting for it to reach the minimum payout..and of course making some reviews at ximmy. This is my response on the commodity hike, fare hike and others.

Ohhh my, I wish I am superwoman or i wish i have naruto's kajibujin technique (idk if i spelled it right).. ahaha.. so that I can be able to do different jobs at the same time using the technique..

time to opp catching and blog hopping..


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FOOD TRIPS+updates

just got home from a friday escapades at EM's house. As i said in my previous post, angelbadguy have cooked tuna carbonara for our dinner, we also have a punch (VODKA with different fruits but i like lemon the most), kfc bucket and braso de mercedes cake from goldilucks (yumyum). We really had fun and instead of singing, we prefer to watch movies, hottie&nottie, kung fu panda and other movies which i forgot the title. I wonder where would be our next stop:)

btw, wanna say sorry for all my blogger friends, for i haven't been able to blog hop yesterday. This time, i will hit you back.. thanks for your time reading..

Friday Escapades

After a long stressful weekdays, finally the most favorite day of mine has come.. FRIDAY.. Today, me and my officemates will be going to Miss EM's apartment. We are all so excited because angel will cook TUNA CARBONARA for us. The more exciting part for me is that for the first time, my honie will be joining us (wow,). When i say first time, i really mean it. Honie is so tamad (lazy) when it comes to joining me in my escapades, he will prefer to watch basketball than be with me, (hmmpfh, he prioritize it more than me,, just kidding)... Roger brought some DVDs of different songs (waa can't wait to sing my favorite songs).. I think there is a plan of sleeping over so i brought some clothes.. for sure.. there will be some wine or punch waiting for us. we will be chillin' all night.. Have a nice friday everyone..:)

that's all for now.. gonna do my tasks so that we can all go at Em's house early.

google pin+updates

The day after our 7th year anniversary, well we simply celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We bought cake and of course we cook our favorite (pancit) aheheh.. I prefer to work home so that me and my honie will be together the whole day. We don`t usually celebrate our anniversary with a blast, we are just contented that we say our i love you' to each other and kiss and hugs (ahihi). Anyway, I really feel happy with what has been going on with my life, with many opportunities ahead, and of course with the love of my one and only. Never been contented and happy the way I am..

So much for that... good news, for me.. . I had received my google pin yesterday and yeah. this is it.. I had received two, since I thought that the first one they delivered did not reach our house (wenks). I requested another and shoot.. I had two mailed google pin yesterday. I think I will have another in the office. I will just wait for it to come..

Blog creeping..:) thanks for lending me your time:)

7th year anniversary

i neVeR tHoUgHt iN a miLLiOn yEaRs i'd finD
sOmEeoNe sO uTtErLy & cOmpLeTeLy pErFeCt..
sOmEeoNe wHo'D mAkE mE hApPiEr tHen i eVeR DrEaMed
sOmEeoNe tHat wOuLd tOuCh mY LiFe sO pRoFoUndLy
n JuSt gIvE mE a WhoLe nEw rEaSoN tO bReAthe

well, first off, it is our 7th year anniversary, wow, i never thought that we will be able to go this far. Although we encounter some problems and issues (who doesn't have??), but it serves as our foundation to keep the relationship and to stay together. I want to share this joy and happiness with all of those who can read this. I know that our relationship is not too perfect but we are making it one to fulfill our promises with each other. All i want is this relationship to last until our last breath and I know that both of us will do our best to make it stronger each year.

As i always say, i love you NIE, always, forever and more.


uhhmm.. after 3 days of missing our baby miszha (my niece), she's back in my arms again.( ahehe) she went to PASIG to see mima (grandmother of my sister's hubby). I really really miss miszha (i call her bonjeng, ahihi!), miss her smile in the morning before i go to the office. i love you bondjeng!!

**.anyways, i am glad that my 3 posts for PPP has been approved after weeks of waiting. thanks for those who commented on my posts. I also had some referrals on my cash-clix accounts and i think it is earning good. I will just wait until I reached their minimum payout. I hope this is not fraud like any other sites.

**It is one day to go until our 7TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY and i am too excited on the gift that I will give him. I am still undecided for the gift, haysz, it is really hard. Though i know my honie is very appreciative that a kiss would make him happy :) unlike me who is so demanding (ahehe). I wonder what is his gift for me??

Well time to sleep.!! ciao.. tomorrow will be another day of blogging, working, friendstering and earning:)
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