A NEW DOMAIN+jhoice+

YEY, after months for waiting for an angel to help me have a new domain, at last Bhem (jhoice) have come and help me. yes, my bhem jhoice have bought me this domain, she said its her gift for me (even if its not my birthday yet). I can't buy a domain since my paypal account is still unverified ([so poor of me..heksz).

Ahih,, I want to say thanks for bhem for doing this big big favor for me. I really owe you a lot.. (emo mode..toinksz). She never puts me down and she always help me out on something especially when it comes to blogging (she's an expert you know). Even if we met only in friendster, we have build this strong connection and foundation. I know she's not aware of it but she's the person that I really admire for her being down to earth, very true friend but very scary enemy (ahahah.. wenksz, remember petra). Thanks bhem for all the favor she has done. (does it look like a sponsored post for bhem.. ahehe.. hell no.. im doing it because I love her..).

She's one of a kind and lucky are the people who know her, I also want to give some credit to her hubby (jocark) ahihi.. because of his patience and kindness. Sorry if I disturbed you while your watching (ahehe).

that's all.. by the way my new link is, don`t worry if you are using the old one it will automatically redirected to my new domain.


Jhoice said...

naku si bhem nagddrama Ooh!.hehe!!
Alm u nmn nplitan lng aQ eh,hehe!! charing.. Ui nd noh!

aba aga ng pbday Q,lmao!
Loka ktlga, joclark?? hehe JOCARK..ahihi! nmn toh misspelled pah bhem oOh!, ahaha!!

MARK nlng sna eh d nd kna nhrpan,ahihi mua*

YW always bhem, u knoe that:D

Rachel said...

wow ang bait naman ni jhoice. ayan magkakaroon ka na ng sariling domain.

aika said...

wow..she's so generous~lucky you^_^ i'm hella sure you deserve her kindness.

Keiyt said...

yippeee. domain! :) congrats!

dee said...

i soooo loveeee the domain.
grabe! ang baet tlga ni ate jhoice.
hulog xa ng langit! hehe.

Yesha said...

aww congratulation to you!!!!
nice domain name:)
good luck

i miss you sweetie

Sweetie&Bunny said...

congrats on the domain :D

krisel said...

wee! new domain ka na pala sis! buti kapa! ang bait talaga ni sis jhoice! hehee

btw, kasama ba sis dun sa pagbili ng domain yong pag-redirect ng page? ang galing kasi eh... (ignorante ba?) hehehe

Marlene said...

ahehe..ito po pala yung nikwekwento ni Genyze...ahehe...congrats po...

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