First and foremost, welcome to GOLD DIGGER CLAN (The clan of the champions) ...

In order for us to have a smooth relationship in this clan, here are the rules and regulations that we all should follow:

1. It is the discretion of the Leader whether he would promote one to being an elder or a co leader.
2. We are in a game so let us all have fun.
3. chat/communicate with ur clanmates more often so we could build a good rapport.
4. Donate as much as you could. when donating, read first what your clanmates is requesting. During a war, you can request for specific troop/s. Your clanmates are not a fortune teller so make it specific and mention that you need it for clan war. Archer is the minimum troop you can donate. Do not give barbs or goblins.. we know you wouldn't want to receive such as well!!
5. We can only have new members through invites. this way we can keep this family as close and as harmonious as possible.
6. No war among clanmates! we are all professionals so be professional.
7. Respect begets respect!
8. Everyone should be active during war. The leader and co leaders may kick any member who will not participate!
9. When attacking an enemy during war, make sure that your first attack is the enemy with the same number as yours, unless the leader and co leaders decide to strategize depending on the enemy.
10. Clan hopping is not allowed unless there is a valid reason! Do not leave the group during war or this may cause your account to be kicked out or banned!!
11. those who are not in favor of these rules and regulations may leave this group as they wish !!
12. We can have a GEB Every after 10 wins on Clan wars!!


If you have comments/suggestions and violent reactions feel free to address the leader/co leaders!!

Thank you!!

Park Siblings Love~

With 2NE1 on hiatus, it seems that Dara is spending more quality time with  her family, especially her brother Thunder.  You can see how proud she is having Cheondung  with her tweets.  She posted a stolen picture Thunder last January 4 and teased that it looks like he is on a photoshoot. Four days after,  Thunder replied to her sister “Perfected taking pictures secretly Ke ke”. Dara then replied back. This tweet convo of Park Siblings are so rare since both are busy with their own activities. Dara posted another pic of her brother together with their cat named Dadoong. It's so funny that Dee is asking her brother if he still know how to speak in tagalog.

It’s good to know that despite of their schedules as idols, they still try to spend their time together.
I hope that they will have a collaboration in the future.. that would be love^_^

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