Park Siblings Love~

With 2NE1 on hiatus, it seems that Dara is spending more quality time with  her family, especially her brother Thunder.  You can see how proud she is having Cheondung  with her tweets.  She posted a stolen picture Thunder last January 4 and teased that it looks like he is on a photoshoot. Four days after,  Thunder replied to her sister “Perfected taking pictures secretly Ke ke”. Dara then replied back. This tweet convo of Park Siblings are so rare since both are busy with their own activities. Dara posted another pic of her brother together with their cat named Dadoong. It's so funny that Dee is asking her brother if he still know how to speak in tagalog.

It’s good to know that despite of their schedules as idols, they still try to spend their time together.
I hope that they will have a collaboration in the future.. that would be love^_^


“Bcuz of U”, “Can this be love”, “D’ Lucky Ones”, “Super Noypi”  sounds familiar??? Of course, those are Dara’s movies when she was still an actress in the Philippines..  But she had to set aside acting as she became a member of one of the most popular girl groups in the world 2NE1 along with CL, Bom and Minzy.  Her career had bloomed being a kpop idol since their debut on 2009. However, an Actress will always be an Actress. Although Dara can show her acting skills through her Etude CF’s, other endorsements,  and their Music Videos(MVs), it’s still different when you do a full length movie or a drama.

Now that 2NE1 is on hiatus, and since there’s no confirmation yet for their comeback.. Dara has been hinting us on her desire to act again through her tweets.  She was seen in the premiere of “Gangster Shaman” supporting Jung Hye Young wife of Tablo. Like her fans, Dara is becoming more vocal on acting again.. Dara are also mentioned that she wanted to do a romantic comedy. Let’s see if Papa YG will hear our summon for a k-drama or movie for Dara ..
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